6.111 – Introductory Digital Systems Laboratory May 30, 2007

This project was developed as the final project for my 6.111 class. The basic idea was to bring Nintendo Wii functionality to older games. We did this by transmitting sensor data wirelessly, figuring out what movements a player was making, and convert this data into corresponding buttons. We played Nintendo SNES games via an Emulator an a PC.

The project team consisted of the following people: Sergio Haro, Ceryen Tan, Paul Steiner

The following is an abstract of our project proposal:

The release of the Nintendo Wii broke away from the norm and put innovation through game play above visual advancements and attractions. Our project continues down the path opened up by Nintendo and puts physical interaction with video games at the forefront. The project involves creating a suit with a variety of sensors that maps certain predetermined gestures such as walking, jumping, and throwing, to button presses on a standard game controller. This Suit controller will be connected to a computer which has a Nintendo NES emulator installed. A player can then use the suit to play a variety of classic games that the NES has to offer. Our project will consists of three main subcomponents, the suit/wireless link that transfers data back to the main system, the Signal Processor that interprets the data, and the interface with a computer via PS/2.

The following are links to several of our files: