Intuit QuickBase March 30, 2011

QuickBase has been my first job out of college. When I joined the team was quite chaotic. We had around 8 engineers trying to produce an entirely new product Intuit Workplace while maintaining our existing product, Quickbase.

The first big project I worked on was the user interface for v1 of Workplace. Before I started we already had a rough implementation in Flex (Adobe Flash really…) but the code was a mash-up of different styles and practices as none of the engineers had much experience with Flex. So I took it upon myself to rewrite the entire UI layer in a modular, more encapsulated manner. At the same time, I re-implemented our interface as a single page that asynchronously loaded content rather than navigating to a new page and incurring the flash load time.

After we released v1 of Workplace, we rapidly iterated and added more and more features to the product including QuickBooks sync and cloud APIs. This led to v2 of Workplace which had another upheaval of the UI (only on the surface though, the backend ui work remained the same). Soon after, the Workplace and QuickBase team split into two proper and separate teams. Since then I have been working on the QuickBase team.

On QuickBase, I’ve worked on several infrastructure projects (moving datacenters, high availability, multi-datacenter replication, application-based load balancing, asynchronous IIS), as well as normal features (iPhone compatability, SAML integration, online folders, etc…).

Some of the more interesting projects have actually not been code related. In my short time at Intuit I’ve also done recruiting, candidate interviews, online presentations to customers on using our API, and presented to MIT students for a Mobile Application contest hosted by Intuit and Bank of America.


  • C++
  • Javascript
  • C#
  • Java