Pulled Pork Sliders December 11, 2011

When Julie and her friends came over trying to decide what to make for the annual UW Bio-engineering holiday party cooking competition, I put forward the idea of making little pulled-pork biscuit sandwiches. The idea was inspired by Serious Biscuit in downtown Seattle. Once I got buy-in from Pun-labbers, we set forth to figure out how to put the whole thing together.


For the pulled pork, we decided to use Alton Brown’s recipe for oven-baked baby back ribs. We made the rub and marinated the pork shoulder overnight. The day of the party, I started the smoker early in the morning and put in the pork to smoke for around 6-8 hours or until it hit between 190-200 degress farenheit.


For the bun, we choose to make simple drop biscuits from America’s Test Kitchen. We wanted a biscuit that wasn’t too soft. These biscuit were a nice combination of crunchy exterior and fluffy interior. Moreover, their small size made them perfect bite-sized vehicles.

BBQ Sauce

I don’t remember exactly what we did here. If memory serves my correctly, we made a basic BBQ sauce from America’s Test Kitchen. It was simple and done on the stove top.


Once the pork shoulder was done, we took it out and let it rest for a while. In the mean time we made the biscuits. Once the pork had sufficiently rested, we shredded it with some large forks and mixed in the bbq sauce. Then we cracked open the biscuits, filled them with some pork and topped it with a pinch of green onion.

They were so good we almost devoured them before we arrived at the holiday party. I’m happy to report that they won the competiton netting the Pun lab a pizza party, which I was subsequently not invited to.